System produces high quality and excellent definition, which uses a caching product engraved cylinder between 100 and 5000 centipoise (cps).

The heart of this system is the engraved cylinder whose surface is covered with small alveoli, these gaps are filled: adhesive, ink, lacquer, or any type of coating. The ex is swept and the amount that host cavities is applied to a plastic film or paper through the pressure of a rubber roller and the action of the surface energy of the substrate.

The engraved cylinder is submerged in the ink contained in the tray (4), rotating the roller pulls the excess is swept by the blade (2), the cylinder 3 has a vertical movement on paper and pressing it subsection and the roller transfers the material containing the alveoli, or cells. This arrangement of components used in rotogravure printing presses therefore usually called that way. The tray 4 contains ink in the gravure roller (1) cells that draw the figure to be printed.

Advantages and Drawbacks

  1. Print quality is superior to other printing processes
  2. The uniform ink deposit, regardless of the speed of operation and the tension of the film.
  3. Control the amount of ink reservoir, which depends on the number of lines per inch prints.
  4. Simplicity of operation control