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Our experience and infrastructure to make each and every one of the processes required according to the requirements of our customers.

We perform partial or complete process of the highest quality and incredibly short lead times.

Flexography (Short Description) vs. Rotograbado (Short Description)

The flexographic (flexografía) is a printing system in the round (the areas of the printing plate that are higher than those that should not be printed). As in the font, woodcut or linocut, ink is deposited on the plate, which in turn pressed directly printable substrate, leaving the spot where it touched the surface to be printed.

  1. Flexible plates, fit reasonably ficult to uneven surfaces, so you can print on materials such as corrugated cardboard and other packaging without applying much pressure (kiss printing).
  2. The characteristics of the iron and substrates make the line screens and font sizes for reproducible are more limited than in processes such as rotogravure.

System produces high quality and excellent definition, using cylinders, whose surfaces are engraved with small pyramids in low relief.

This process is also known as gravure and within their advantages we can mention the following:

  1. Print quality is superior to other printing processes
  2. Uniformity in the ink reservoir, regardless of the speed of operation and the tension of the film.
  3. Control the amount of ink reservoir, which depends on the number of lines per inch prints.
  4. Simplicity in control of the operation.
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